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Key Collection, 2007 and onwards

This page starts a new (2007) chapter in my key collection.

Elecraft KXPD1, Built-in Paddle for the Elecraft KX-1

This paddle is an unique one in my key collection.  It is made especially for one radio, the Elecraft KX-1, ultra portable  CW HF QRP transciever.  Please visit my KX1 website which has a sub-page on this paddle,


Bencher BY-1
I thought my key collecting days were over until my neighbor Laura O'Neil, KG6VOM gave me this Bencher, BY-1.  This is one of the keys Laura was given by the family of Nat Pelner, WA6VEM (sk).  Nat (1924-2007) was a retired Hughes electrical engineer and patent holder.  His son was cared for at the developmental disabled children's center Laura works at.  Thank you Laura!  

The BY-1 is a much better engineered interpretation of a key I owned when I has a novice, the Hal Electronics Foy key.  What attracted me to the Foy key was its light touch.  However, Hal's interpretation was poorly engineered.  The paddles easily came off of their mount.  This was annoying in mid-QSO.  Bencher has corrected the filmsy mount.