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Remembering Lenore Jensen, W6NAZ

Photos: Early-Lenore

Photos: More Lenore, Part I

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Photos: Bob & Lenore @ SFVARC

Photos: MARS Vietnam & Phone Patching

Links to Friends

Ted Ryan Memorial Amatuer Radio Club In honor of a great ham and my elmer.  
Novice Historical Society Have you ever noticed if you get together with hams who were licensed in the 1980s and before, and perhaps as late as 2000, they speak with great fondness of their time as a Novice.  This website celebrates the fun we had as Novices.  Please click on.  Please write us a rememberance.  
Neighborhood Emergency Radio Project A non-profit educational website devoted to helping the average person and neighborhood leaders prepare for the failure in communications infrastructure after a major disaster. 
San Fernando Valley Amateur Radio Club, W6SD A great ham radio club founded in 1955.  They trained my elmer, Ted Ryan, WB6JXY (sk).  They gave him a chance to start teaching ham radio.  He taught for W6SD for three-and-a-half-decades.  They supported his teaching.  They gave and continue to give me a place to go operate on field days and the rest of the year.   While I certainly learned a lot about technical issues from my friends in this club, more importantly they taught me what the culture of ham radio is about.    

CERT - Disaster Preparedness Classes

As ham we help people in times of disaster and provide emergency communication.  Before we can do this, we need to be personally prepared for the disaster and prepare our families.  The Community Emergency Response (CERT) training is available in every state of the U.S. and several foreign countries.  Its offered at no or low cost.   Once finished, a graduate will be able to fight light fires with a fire extinguisher, perform triage and first aid, get someone who is lightly trapped in a collapsed building out.  CERT Sponsor operates in Los Angeles city but there are links to other CERT programs.