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Welcome to Page 2 of my key collection! 

E.F. Johnson's Speed X J-38 Straight Key
This is my favorite straight key.  It was my second key as a Novice. 

I have tried other straight keys and found they were either flimsy or clunky. ...of course I am always open to trying new keys. 

For a machine made mass produced key, the Speed-X is remarkable well made and durable. 


The sounder harkens back to pre-radio days.   Instead of Morse code coming out as audio from a speaker, in the days of land line telegraphy, the sound was made on a sounder; metal striking metal. 

This sounder was a gift from my elmer, Ted Ryan, WB6JXY (sk).  He gave it to me when I was a Novice at John Burroughs Jr. High School, in Los Angeles, California, USA.  He taught electric shop and ham radio, see:  As if I did not get enough ham radio at school, as Ted's teaching assistant and our ham radio club President, I used to go over to his house in Saturday mornings for tutoring.  He gave me several things, including a few teletypes.  The other things got too big for my space.  I gave them back to him eventually and he gave them to other kids.  I kept the sounder because it was from him and small.