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Remembering Lenore Jensen, W6NAZ

Photos: Early-Lenore

Photos: More Lenore, Part I

Photos: More Lenore, Part II

Photos: Bob & Lenore @ SFVARC

Photos: MARS Vietnam & Phone Patching

Early Photos of Lenore Jensen, W6NAZ (sk)

Lenore Jensen, W9CHD, 1939 or thereafter
This photo appeared in May 1940 QST. (Used with permission of ARRL).  Thanks to Paula Keiser, K8PK for photo enhancement.  

Photo: Joe Conn

Photo: Joe Conn

[Editor's Note - The phrase "The Duchess" is written on the back of this photo.  It is unknown if this is a name of a radio produciton Lenore was in.  There is no indication of the date this photo was taken]. 

The caption on this photo is "Joe Conn, My Joe. My photography."